Three young ladies represented Dominica in Showjumping on March 6,2019

Written by on 15 March 2019

Showjumping was incorporated into the Olympic Games in 1912 and is designed to test the stamina, precision, power and control of both the horse and its rider.

The course usually includes tight twists and turns as well as high and colorful fences over which the horse must jump clear, without dropping any part of that fence.

Penalties are awarded for dropping the fence, refusals, time, wrong turns etc.

To overcome such obstacles, it takes a great amount of training and conditioning to get both the horse and  rider prepared for such an event.

On Ash Wednesday, March 6, 2019 a group of excited young ladies set off to Martinique to represent Dominica at the 31st InterCaraibe Show-jumping competition at the Hippocampe Centre Equestre In Carrere  Lamentin. It would be the second consecutive year of participation by team Dominica who train at Brandy Manor Riding Center in Bourne, owned and operated by Yasmin Cole. 

The Center has been in operation for the past 11 years and continues to survive through the struggles and challenges brought about by the passage of Tropical Storm Erica in 2015 and Hurricane Maria in 2017, both of which inflicted significant damage on the facility. Simply put, the centre hangs on by a mere thread……pure determination has kept the stables going. 

Jessica Wan Ajouhu is the organizer of the competition and owner of a similar facility in Martinique and according to her It was post Maria she learnt of the Dominican horse stables and mobilized horse feed which she sent to Brandy Manor to assist in the recovery. A relationship was forged and in 2018 Dominica was invited to the 30th Intercaraibe Show-jumping event in Martinique where she hosted the team which comprised Shaydan Laville, Manuela Nassief, Lena Magloire and Lightnin …………….with Yasmin Cole as the coach. The athletes gave a good account of themselves with Shaydan Laville placing 3rd in the Espoir (85 cm) category from a field of 38 competitors representing eight countries and Manuela Nassief placing 3rd in the Pony (75 cm) category.

Last weekend, Rebecca Cole, Shaydan Laville, Manuela Nassief, and Lena Magloire participated in the 31st intercaraibe competition. Rebecca Cole jumped Elite (95 cm), Shaydan Laville Espoir (85 cm) and Manuela Nassief, Lena Magloire Pony (75 cm). Again team Dominica gave a very good account of themselves.  After a clear round on Saturday and another on Sunday with the second fastest time from a field of 39 competitors, Shaydan Laville qualified for a jump off with 16 other competitors to determine the top 10 positions. After another clear jump off in a time of 42 seconds, Shaydan Laville emerged the fourth place winner.  

Dominica has been represented at show jumping competitions in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Barbados and Suriname. Shaydan placed 3rd in the Espoir category in the Barbados  Invitational in 2018 and also copped the award for Best Foreign Rider.

It is interesting to note that Manuela, Shaydan and Lena are just 12 years old and have been able to compete among some of the Caribbeans most experienced and elite Show-jumpers and done so well. Hats of to their trainer Yasmin Cole who have worked with them over the years to get them to the level that they are at. It is hoped that others interested in the sport will come on board as it is a fast growing Olympic sport. It is also hoped that some attention and assistance can be given to help refurbish the facility of Brandy Manor. Countries represented at these shows were Jamaica, St. Marteen, Martinique, Guadelope, Antigua, Barbados, Suriname and French Guinea 

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